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The All Out Sealcoat Mission

ALL OUT Sealcoat was started in 2011. It began as a way to create jobs and facilitate networking opportunities in a time of economic difficulty. The founders, Kevin McGarvey and Marco Menna, decided to take the risk to start the business because they saw a market that was in need of a company that operated in a fair and honest manner with a CUSTOMER FIRST mentality.

The All Out Difference

The difference is in our Communication Approach. ALL OUT communication is seamless. When we communicate with you the client, it is done so in a smooth and uniform way. We are inconspicuous and do not have awkward transitions, interruptions or any indications of disparity.

How do we do this? The same way an undefeated football team has a perfect record. We have the coaches holding their coveted playbooks executing a carefully crafted game plan with their highly talented players going ALL OUT, ALL THE TIME On and off the field.

All Out Sealcoat Logo

Our Sealcoating Checklist

Other Contractors All Out Sealcoat
Uses Signature Process - All Out 6 Step Sealciating Solution System
Member of the Better Business Bureau
Registered Member of the NPCA (National Pavement Contractor's Association)
Uses the highestt quality of polymer modified sealcoat product
Sate of the Art Equipment
Hand applied - Brush Application
Positive Local Customer Reviews
Written Detailed Guarantee
Excelent Customer Service with Human Phone Support
Licensed PA Home Improvement Contractor
Clean Box Truck, Uniformed Crew
Fully insured with Worker's Compensation
All American made products, supplies, and truck
Educational Website to inform you about sealcoating
Locally Owned and Operated

The All Out Process

Our process is a key advantage over other asphalt sealing companies/contractors. There is a sense of pride that comes from protecting and maintaining everything we own. We believe in providing the Best Service Possible all the while continuing to create jobs for Hard Working Americans.

In order to attain this feat, we go ALL OUT, in everything we do. You can trust that ALL OUT Sealcoat does not take any shortcuts when it comes to protecting your driveway and the appearance of your home.

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